Superior Taste Award

We are proud to announce that our Aloe Vera drink ALEO Premium was awarded by the highest – 3 golden stars Superior Taste Award 2015, 2018 and 2022!

Foods are tested by a jury of chefs and drinks by sommeliers and beverage experts. Products are blind tested solely on their own merit (not compared), with the focus on the intensity of gustatory pleasures and the sensory analysis methodology. Organoleptic criteria are scored (first impression, appearance, smell, texture, taste and aftertaste/retro-olfaction) and commented on by each judge. Each product is classified in one of 340 categories and prepared as instructed by the producer.

Each judge gives a score for each criterion as well as a comment justifying the grade. All the scores by the jury are compiled with taste and first impression having a higher weight. The final results are communicated confidentially to the participating manufacturers with a report accompanying the analysis, comments and further suggestions about their products.

All products with a minimum score of 70% are awarded in the following way:

– One Golden Star with a score between 70% and 80%: Products are awarded for “Notable Taste“.
– Two Golden Stars with a score between 80% and 90%: products are awarded as “Remarkable“.
– Three Golden Stars with a score of 90% and above: products are awarded as “Exceptional“.

So from now on, we can proudly announce that our aloe vera drink ALEO Premium is not only very popular and desired all over the world, but also highly rated by top professional chefs and beverage experts! Enjoy with pleasure!